flat-bike-lift is the ceiling hydro-pneumatic overhead bike rack to be used in the house garage or in the place where we park our bike.

Measures and specifications

Find out how flat-bike-lift works


In a standard 240 cm. tall garage, the rail of the flat-bike-lift where the wheels rest is 67 cm. high off the ground.


Lifting the bike up the wheel rail height is done manually. For taller ceiling or in order to reduce the height off the ground of the wheel rail, an optional extension is provided.


The radius described by the flat-bike-lift beam during the upstroke is equal to 145 cm.


In the horizontal parking position, the flat-bike-lift beam is 42.5 cm. off the ceiling.
For the affixing to ceilings other than reinforced concrete, a complete range of optionals is provided.


The flat-bike-lift movement is given by the synchronized but opposite action of a gas spring and an hydraulic spring. The gas spring provides the needed boost for the beam to lift up and may be fitted into four different positions to calibrate the applied force according to the weight of the bycicle to be lifted up.


This last feature allows the biker to always apply the minimal effort during the idle downstroke.


The hydraulic spring, neutral during the extension, regulates the return speed, especially during the idle upstroke, making the return of the flat-bike-lift to the parking position completely automatic and safe.


Quick lock of the bike.


Endstrokes setting.

3D model

Watch the 3D model

The 3D-viewer app is in English. Navigation : click the “mouse” icon on the left bar once the model is uploaded. Main commands : Rotate, Zoom and Pan.





When we don’t use our bike, flat-bike-lift takes it over the head in a simple, quick and safe way, clearing the floor space for all the other house necessities.


Add-on components

ball-bearing rotation flange


second kid bike kit

second handle

MTB handlebar solutions

coloured plexiglass label

saddle cushions

wood screws

anchors for empty materials

special custom mounts

retainers for fatbikes

heavy duty gas spring

extra lenght

U.S. bracket

elastic wheel stops

tool set

rope with handle

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